Data Governance Kitchen
Episode 01: What is the state of the Data Governance and metadata systems’ market?

A hot topic across enterprises!

Laurent Dresse, Data Governance Evangelist:

First of all there is a large ecosystem of solution providers making a lot of noise around data cataloging, lineage, glossary and even Data mesh.

It becomes quite difficult for our clients to identify which solution could best fit their needs.

Secondly it’s important for the market player to clearly position their value proposition so customer can assess their needs versus market offer and decide if they want to focus more on technical use or business use of the data catalog.

There is as well the more and more important role of artificial intelligence in supporting stewardship classification or tagging. The solution should facilitate the day-to-day job of the data governance organization.

We also need to talk about integration. Within customer technical ecosystem, APIs are clearly a differentiator in terms of integration, easiness and flexibility of your implementation iterations.

To conclude I would like to outline the fact that data catalog and metadata management are more and more driven by business users. Hence, the data catalog solution should be highly intuitive and ergonomic to ensure adoption from the organization and the business users.

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