Data Governance Kitchen
Episode 11: How would you approach the issue with the commitment bias whenever the existing catalog doesn’t fulfill expectations?

Laurent Dresse, Data Governance Evangelist:

How would you approach the issue with the commitment? Because in such cases, people want to see how it plays out and the business may not want to make changes unless it’s a complete disaster.

Let’s pick the example of a car.
You’re a familiar of 5 and you drive every day, but you have a small car which is slow. What do you do? Do you stick with your small car and be frustrated every day? Or do you decide to buy a new one which will fulfill your needs and then you will make you happy? But this is the same with the platform.

Make sure that you have a factual explanation or assessment of what is wrong with the first tool and what you expect with the other one.

And also what will be the additional value brought to the organization and to the business with this new platform. But try to be factual. Do a proof of concept. Do a proof of value to show the benefits of the migration.

And if there are parts of this proof of value and tangibly see the value I think the migration process will be easier.

And do not forget, and this is a statement I usually make with my clients or during events. Data governance is a business responsibility. So they are the drivers there. If they are not satisfied with one platform, they should never be afraid to say, hammer the table and say we want or we need something else. And this is what we need.

So they should be responsible for this migration from a functional standpoint. And then, of course, IT would support the technical part.

But do not simply select another platform for the sake of changing platforms.
Involve the business in defining why they are not happy with platform one, what they do or what they expect with another platform, which value is missing which features are missing. And then demonstrate to a book that the second platform will indeed bring this value.
And if this is the case, they will understand that it’s worth the effort of migrating.
But if you don’t have this evidence of value on the second platform, most likely like you stated in your question, they would be reluctant to support the migration.

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