Community Guidelines – DataChampions

By applying to join the DataChampions Community, and by participating in it, you agree to abide by our Community Guidelines.
Abusing these guidelines may result in your removal from the community.

What the DataChampions Community is

The DataChampions community is designed for senior data professionals, whether they have a technical or managerial background. It aims at bringing together data enthusiasts who lead or take part in their company’s data culture.

Applying to join the community doesn’t give you immediate access to it, as our teams need to review and approve your application.

The DataChampions community is powered by DataGalaxy but is not related to its product.

What the DataChampions Community is not

  • A community to promote your own product or conduct business.
  • A community to evaluate and criticize our peers.
  • A support community for DataGalaxy users.

Basic rules

Respect each other

We want the DataChampions community to be a welcoming and safe place for everyone. As such, we will have 0 tolerance towards any kind of discrimination based on age, gender identity, sexual identity, disability, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status or even level of experience on a certain topic.

No spam

You can talk about what you’re working on, your content, etc. in a reasonable way : make sure it falls into the community’s scope and that it’s relevant to other members.


Use your real name and company when joining the community. This is a way to avoid any misunderstandings about your purpose there, but also to connect with other professionals.

No sensitive topics

In order to respect each member’s political or religious beliefs, don’t post content in the community that might result in heated conversations.

No personal information

Never post any personal information about you or someone else. This may include addresses, phone numbers, or any other private information.

Behavior in the community

Give & Take

The DataChampions community is a place to share knowledge and experiences about data culture. This is not a top-down space for you to consume content.
As you learn from others experiences, we encourage you to also share your own voice and expertise, in order to keep the conversations going.

Share valuable information

We always encourage members to share content they think might help the community. However, we trust you to give some context when sharing any link or piece of information. This will foster conversations within the community.

Ways to contribute

From just participating in the community to being a true ambassador, there are plenty of ways to contribute.

Refer a fellow data enthusiast

When you’re approved in the community, you’ll receive a link or a referral code that allows you to recommend one of your peers to join the community.

Actively participate in our Slack community

Our community exists because of you ! The best way to contribute to its quality is to make sure it stays vibrant. Share content, answer questions, engage in thoughtful conversations…

Create content for the website

You want to share your experience with data culture on the DataChampions website ? We’d be happy to promote it ! Drop us an email at and we’ll get in touch with you.

Co-organize online or local events

If you want to help us spread knowledge and bring data professionals together, you can organize events in your local area, or even online. Drop us an email at and we’ll get in touch with you.

Enforcement Policy

If you are found in violation of the above Community Guidelines or any of the additional community rules, you will receive a warning about your behavior. Additional instances of rule-breaking will be met with your removal from the community. If your behavior is unacceptable or you use our community for illegal activities, you will be immediately removed from the community.

Reporting Guidelines

If you find someone in violation of our Community Guidelines, please either DM one of our Community Managers in Slack, or send an email to Where possible, please include a direct link to the violation and/or a screenshot.