Data Governance Kitchen
Episode 02: What are some examples of “data governance done wrong”?

What does it look like in the data catalog? How can a DataCatalog help avoid such situation?

Laurent Dresse, Data Governance Evangelist:

The good example of “data governance done wrong” is where there is no data governance.
Organizations without data management, policies, procedures, or strategy will never be data-centric.

The other pitfall to avoid is to take the theoretical approach of building a complex organization on paper.

It’s very conceptual and people have a lot of difficulties projecting themselves into what it means with the implementation of a data catalog or data governance.

So, where the data catalog can help?

First of all, the data catalog will be the first tangible aspect of your data governance.
On a limited scope, based on use cases, you will test the maintenance of your data catalog and derive what could be the first draft of your data governance approach, many based on facts learned during the initial implementation.

So this is really the proof of value approach, which will help you as a data governance leader, help you in defining what it means in terms of management capabilities, maintenance, and resources needs.

Of course, the data catalog will support the move towards a unified view of your data assets, a common language in its description, and finally, build a data knowledge workplace.

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